Open letter from Mitch de Faria, MD, The Event Makers:  

Friends, colleagues, after more than 20 years we’re hanging up our clip-boards, unplugging phones and computers, taking a long, deep breath and moving on. The Event Makers is no more.

7We’ve loved the challenges you brought us, the projects you entrusted to us, the faith you had in our ability. We loved working with your creative teams, your sponsors and celebrities, your bosses and volunteers. It was a privilege and a pleasure and we’re going to miss you and all the projects you allowed us to realise on your behalf.

More than anything we’ll miss the fun and laughter we shared together over the years. We know you appreciated the work The Event Makers did for you. We are proud to have worked with you and to have been associated with your organisations and companies.

Wishing you good things
Mitch de Faria
April 2007


Welcome to The Event Makers, the consultancy with more than 20 years experience of originating, managing and troubleshooting special events. Small and adaptable, we made our name creating unusual events for charities, overseas development agencies and the media. We were equally well known for high-end awards ceremonies for tourism and trade associations, blue chip companies and TV.

blueThe Event Makers most significant achievement was the award-winning Jubilee 2000 Human Chain at the Birmingham G8 Summit where some 100,000 participants put the issue of debt relief firmly on the political agenda and which led in turn to the Make Poverty History campaign.

Founded and managed by Mitch de Faria, as well as running major national and international events, The Event Makers provided expert coaching and training in marketing communications, project management and media relations.