7For more than 20 years The Event Makers worked on a wide range of projects with a varied list of clients from the BBC and BT to CAFOD and Islamic Relief.

We created street and venue-based events, major conferences and product launches, assisted with Notting Hill Carnival, produced tourism initiatives such as the Parade of Pantomime Dames and supported the activities of local interest groups.

7We invented profile-raisers that became annual national events, including Gingerbread Red Letter Day!, successfully realised the most unlikely political street protest, the Jubilee 2000 Human Chain at the Birmingham G8 Summit and brought industries together in response to international disasters, like the Indian Ocean tsunami.

The Event Makers worked directly for client organisations and for event sponsors or agents. We provided everything from a total project package to speeches and scripts, safety strategies, logistics, arranged travel for VIPs and catering for thousands and promoted many of the projects with which we were involved through The Event Makers PR division.7

We were brought in where in-house knowledge or resources were lacking, when matters had reached crisis point or simply because someone had come up with a great idea.

As a nurse Mitch de Faria believed people came first. From beginning to end, through more than twenty years of The Event Makers, Mitch succeeded in working with organisations which shared that objective.